10 times Wish ads recommended some of the most bizarre products going

Wish is by far the strangest shopping website there is and that's not up for debate.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th June 2020

It seems there’s not many things people can wholeheartedly agree on nowadays, but if we can all unite in one belief, it’s that Wish is by far the most bizarre online shopping website there is.

Amazon and eBay can try all they like with their wacky gift ideas, but they’ll never come close to Wish.

People share their weird Wish finds and purchases on social media all time, there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to it, but it all just begs the question really – why the heck do these products exist and why are they trying to sell me them?

Well, we all know what cookies are by now, right?

No, we don’t mean the type of biscuit, although sometimes we wish (no pun intended) we did because it’d be far easier that way. We mean HTTP cookies – “a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer while the user is browsing” – that are basically, in simpler terms, what you have to consent to being taken every time you click onto a new web page.


They’re also what Wish apparently uses to tailor recommended product advertisements to you.

It’s just, a lot of the time, it doesn’t quite feel that way, as some of the products suggested to buy are potentially the strangest items we’ve ever seen. You can’t even make a case for them being the type of products that ‘you didn’t know you needed until now’ either, because you just don’t need them.



If nothing else, they’re absolutely hilarious though, so if you’re after a good laugh, then here’s 10 times Wish tailored ads recommended some of the most outlandish products going.


The only thing we can be sure of here is that we certainly didn’t ‘Wish‘ for any of these.