A company is looking to pay someone £400 a month to relax in the bath

Literally the dream job.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 27th February 2024

There’s nothing more perfect at the end of a long day than running a nice warm bath and getting some good relaxation in, right?

Well, get this – there’s actually a company out there who’s willing to pay you to do just that.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the dream job actually does exist, then here’s your question answered, as bathroom wholesaler, Bathroom Deal, is currently on the look-out for a ‘Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester’ to help it take customer satisfaction and quality assurance one step further.

The company says the customer experience is one of its “top priorities”, and that its mission is to make sure every customer is “more than happy” with the quality and functionality of the products it sells, as well as being satisfied with its our affordable prices. 

But to do this, it’ll need a helping hand from one big bath-taking fan first, which is why the company is currently hiring for the coveted new role.


From luxury freestanding and fun whirlpool baths, to classic P-shaped tubs and corner baths, Bathroom Deal’s new ‘Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester’ will be expected to test out the quality of all the company’s different kinds of baths, so that it can be confident in the products it’s putting online for its customers.

The successful applicant will be asked to assess their time spent in the tub based on how comfortable they found it, how relaxed they felt, how easy it was to run the bath, and a whole load of other questions about the standard and practicality of the tubs. 


“This new role is paramount to ensuring the high quality levels of our products,” the company said in the job specification.

Whilst in the bath, the lucky bather is welcome to watch Netflix, enjoy a bath bomb, listen to the radio, and ultimately, do all they can to simply try and relax, as this way, the company reckons they’ll be able to “authentically assess” both the comfortability and functionality of the products.

Applications for the coveted ‘Bathroom Quality Assurance Tester’ role are now open / Credit: Karolina Grabowska (via Pexels)

Oh, and did we mention you’ll get paid £400 a month for the ‘work’? Well, you will.


Does this sound like the ideal job for you? Of course it does, so if you fancy sticking an application in, all you need to do is be able to commit to between one and four hours a week to the position, and have strong written communication skills for completing feedback assessments.

You’ll also need to have a bathroom in your home that’s large enough to have Bathroom Deal’s fitters install baths of various sizes, up to one type per month. 

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You can register your interest in the role by filling out the online application form here.

Featured Image – Yan Krukau (via Pexels)