A ‘timely’ documentary on rise of the anti-vaxx movement is set to hit screens

The documentary will include interviews with leading experts on the anti-vaxx movement.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 6th May 2021

A new “timely and important” feature-length documentary delving into the rise of the anti-vaccination movement during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been commissioned by Channel 4.

The documentary – which is currently known under the working title, The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement – is set to explore the origins and growth of the anti-vaccination movement, and its impact on global efforts to defeat the ongoing pandemic.

It will include interviews with leading experts on the anti-vaxx movement, and some of its leading proponents, as well as parents on both sides of the battle.

“Just at the moment when COVID vaccines offer the best chance for saving the lives of millions across the globe, the anti-vaxx movement has grown in strength.” said Eamonn Matthews, one of the executive producers of the documentary.

The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement investigates this well-funded and organised movement and the methods it uses to draw in and hold its followers”.


Dinah Lord – Executive Producer at production company, Caravan – said: “The Rise of the Anti-Vaxx Movement is a timely and globally resonant story, providing a forensic investigation into the anti-vaxx business, exploring some of its more disturbing activities and shedding new light into a growing movement which has the potential to change the course of history”.

Steve Boulton – Commissioning Editor at Channel 4 News and Current Affairs – added: “This is a time of powerful anti-social conspiracy theories and we felt we needed to take a deep dive into one of the most troubling, a movement which threatens to damage public health just as science starts to deliver us all from a killer pandemic”.


The documentary is set to hit screens globally in 2021, and you can find more information via the Channel 4 website.

Featured Image – Flickr / Ariel Javellana