Asda launches fanzone in Manchester for any over 65s set to watch the Euros alone

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Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 13th June 2024

Asda has launched a dedicated fanzone for over 65s in Manchester so they don’t have to watch the Euros alone this summer.

After some new research has sadly revealed that close to two million people over the age of 65 will be watching European football‘s biggest tournament on their own once UEFA Euro 2024 officially kicks off this Friday, Asda has now announced the launch of its dedicated ‘Nanzones’.

‘Nanzones’ are the first-ever football fanzones designed especially for elderly people to gather, socialise, and enjoy all the sporting action together.

Given that traditional football fanzones are often overwhelmingly-populated by more boisterous crowds, the supermarket‘s new dedicated ‘Nanzones’ have been created in a bid to “combat loneliness and isolation” and will specially-cater to the older generation to make sure they don’t have to watch England bring it home (… we say optimistically, of course) alone.

The first ‘Nanzones’ will open at a select few locations across the UK next week, when England face Denmark on Thursday 20 June – with one of those locations being at Asda Eastlands here in Manchester.


Each ‘Nanzone’ is completely free for local elderly people to enter, and the areas will be decked-out with football decorations and refreshments.  

People of all ages are also welcome and “heartily encouraged” to head to one of the participating ‘Nanzones’ and watch the game alongside elderly fans in a safe and friendly environment.


David Hills, who is the Chief Customer Officer at Asda, admitted ahead of the ‘Nanzones’ launching for the summer next week that sport has a way of “bringing people together like nothing else,” before adding: “That’s why we want to use the power of football fandom to help strengthen community spirit this summer.

“The Nanzones sit at the heart of that ambition.

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“Our colleagues and customers really care about supporting the elderly in their communities, and we hope that by encouraging the nation to join our pledge to bring people together, we can help combat loneliness and social isolation.”

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