BMW drivers have been voted the most-hated on UK roads

Almost 40% of respondents to a new survey said they had a big problem with BMW drivers.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 22nd June 2021

A new study has revealed what many Brits are likely unsurprised to hear – BMW drivers have been voted the most-hated on our roads.

The unfavourable title comes thanks to a survey by vehicle finance firm, Moneybarn.

All the way back in April, the company asked 4,000 Brits for their opinion on who they thought were the ‘worst drivers on the road’, and almost 40% of respondents said they had a big problem with BMW drivers.

Although a desirable vehicle brand, BMW hasn’t always had it easy when it comes to public perception in the UK, and this latest survey appears to prove that.

Beamers just don’t seem to be very popular with other motorists.


“It’s clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMW’s don’t come with indicators.” the Moneybarn report read.

“And to hammer home how the rest of the public seems to think about them, a quick internet search for the term ‘why are BMW drivers…’ sees Google suggest results such as ‘so hated’, ‘so arrogant’ and ‘idiots’.”

Almost 40% of respondents said they had a big problem with BMW drivers / Credit: Pixabay (adymyabya)

Taking the runner-up spot on the list are of most-hated are Audi drivers, which again, may not come as much of a shock to Brits given the fact that they often anecdotally the most maligned motorists on the roads.

They were well behind in second place though, with just 14.1% of people choosing them.

“With a reputation for tailgating, owners of the German automobiles are clearly better thought of than those of BMWs, although they’re still clearly up there with some of the drivers that annoy us the most,” the report added.


White van drivers claimed the third spot racking up just 7.9% of the vote, with the the top five rounded off by Range Rover (4.6%) and Ford (4.2%) drivers.

The report said: “Perhaps their lofty position gives Range Rover drivers gives them a sense of entitlement on the roads, or perhaps that’s just an unfair stereotype from those of us suffering from SUV envy?”

Speaking on the findings of the new survey, Tim Schwarz – Head of Marketing and Product Development at Moneybarn – said the figures will no doubt shock some people, adding: “It may come as a surprise that BMW drivers are disliked nearly five times more than white van drivers, as it’s a common perception that white van drivers aren’t the most accommodating on the roads.

“However, our research reveals that BMW drivers are the nation’s least favourite drivers, as 39.1% of people voted them the worst drivers, followed by Audi drivers (14.1%).”

He added: “There’s a common misconception that all people who drive a specific brand, such as BMW or Audi, are worse drivers, however it’s all subjective.


“What you drive doesn’t make you a better or worse driver.” he concluded.

Featured Image – Pixabay (Toby_Parsons)