Bolton Wanderers match brought to a halt after a duck invades the pitch

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th December 2021

Pitch invaders have grown to be a common sight in football over the years – but every now and then, a pitch invader comes along that’s “absolutely quackers”.

It’s not something you see every day, but last night, during a League One match between local North West sides Bolton Wanderers and Fleetwood Town FC at Fleetwood’s home ground, play was temporarily ground to a halt just before half time as a duck was spotted trying to get in on the action.

The duck in question was trying its best to get onto the pitch and show its skills, and was spotted waddling around by fans, who soon started singing its name.

Comical chants of “we’ve got a duck” could be heard echoing around the stadium.

Videos of the duck’s starring role in the match – which ended with Bolton Wanderers losing 3-0 to the home team – soon began pouring in on social media, including on Fleetwood Town’s official Twitter account.


They praised the “debut of our new winger”.

Fleetwood Town did assure fans who were following along with its live tweets during the match, however, that the duck pitch invader “won’t be getting banned” this time, unlike its human counterparts who would generally be punished for such actions.


Bolton Wanderers also told fans who were keeping an eye on Twitter updates that the pitch invader was safely removed.

A tweet on the Bolton Wanderers account confirmed: “Play has just resumed following a brief pause whilst a couple of members of staff prevented a duck from entering play.”

Of course though, given the fact that this isn’t something you see every day, Twitter was full of people comically reacting to the situation, with many choosing to poke fun at Bolton trailing behind in the game.


“Can it take corners?,” one football fan quipped.

Another added: “Has he gone up in the pecking order?”, a third said: “Does the duck wanna come play for us? More desire to get on the pitch than our starting 11.”, and a fourth commented: “Give it a Bolton shirt. Probably do a better job.”

The duck puns just kept on coming, with another fan commenting: “Apparently he prefers playing on the wing.”

Specsavers even chipped in too.

The leading UK optical chain – which is known for its viral Twitter escapades, and is often praised for its witty replies – joined in on the puns.


“Wonder if the fine for entering the pitch will be added to its bill.”


Featured Image – Twitter (@FTFC)