Cadbury has released new ice cream-flavoured Mini Rolls that can be frozen

They're inspired by two popular ice cream flavours, and are only £1 per pack.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th June 2021

Cadbury has taken its cult-classic chocolate cake snack to the next level by launching two new variations inspired by popular ice cream flavours.

And the best bit? You can even pop them in the freezer to create little Arctic rolls.

Cadbury Mini Rolls – the small Swiss roll-inspired chocolate cake treat, encased in a layer of milk chocolate – have been a staple of snack time and kids’ lunch boxes for many years now. Freezing Mini Rolls isn’t necessarily a new invention at this point either, with the phrase “try me frozen” having been stuck on the front of packets of the British chocolate brand’s beloved cake for quite a while.

But it’s the release of two new ice cream flavours that seems to have got people talking.

Eagle-eyed shoppers over at the popular food spotting Instagram page @NewFoodsUK shared news of the release of the new flavours with their 240K followers yesterday, and the post has already racked up thousands of likes and nearly 200 comments.


The two new Mini Roll variations included a layer of cream filling inspired by mint choc chip ice cream, and the tricoloured Italian gem, Neapolitan, which combines the three classic flavours vanilla, chocolate and strawberry all in one.

Cadbury also recommends popping the new ice cream-flavoured Mini Rolls into the freezer for a couple of hours to create a treat that’s reminiscent of the retro school dinner dessert, Arctic roll.


The new Mini Rolls come in packs of five individually-wrapped cakes, and according to NewFoodsUK, are currently on the shelves at the Co-op.

Each pack will only set you back £1.

If you are planning on heading to your nearest Co-op Food branch to get your hands on this sweet treat, then you can check opening times via the Store Finder here.

Featured Image – Cadbury UK