Director of Fleabag filming new ITV thriller in Manchester


Harry Bradbeer, the director of Emmy-winning comedy Fleabag, is shooting a new thriller in Manchester. 

ITV has green-lit a five-part series based in the city entitled 'Viewpoint' - penned by Ed Whitmore (the screenwriter for Manhunt).

Bradbeer is behind the camera for the 26th occasion - having spent the past two decades directing the likes of Prisoners Wives and Killing Eve, as well as the smash-hit comedy with Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Viewpoint will follow a police investigation into a Manchester community, and has been described as "mining the paranoid hinterland of Rear Window and The Lives Of Others".


Filming is set to start in the spring.

Polly Hill, Head of Drama at ITV, stated: "It’s hard to find a crime series that feels new and fresh, which is why I am delighted to commission Viewpoint.

"Martin, the police surveillance officer watching a community to discover why a local teacher has gone missing, is in Zoe’s flat who secretly watches her neighbours because she’s lonely.

"The lines between the two and who can and can’t spy on us, is beautifully blurred. It creates a crime series that has a touch of Rear Window.”


Executive producer Lucy Bedford said:

"As soon as Harry told me about the true story that inspired Viewpoint, I was instantly hooked and it has been a real joy to see such a rich and fruitful collaboration spring up between him and the very talented Ed Whitmore.

"Part character-driven drama and part Hitchcockian thriller, Ed’s scripts brilliantly interweave the personal and investigative into a gripping, taut, emotional story which surprises at every turn.”

Keep your eyes peeled for those production crews...

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