Girl’s hilarious Facebook post after her nan buys condoms from Asda instead of tea bags


The condom aisle in Asda is a very sacred place – you can quite often find men there, pretending to be looking anywhere but the Durex shelves in an attempt to discreetly stock up.

So the attention that the below pack of jonnys has gotten since being purchased from the supermarket is pretty unprecedented.

And it turns out that grandparents can't tell the difference between a pack of  Thin Feel Durex condoms and a box of teabags – if Gemma New's Facebook post is anything to go by.


Mrs New has pretty much gone viral on Facebook after posting the story of her nana accidentally buying contraception from Asda, instead of brewing tackle.

Posting to the platform, she said: "Soooo nans gone and brought these from Asda thinking they were teabags, and her wonderful granddaughter has the job of returning them.

"So pleaseee if anyone see's me returning these don't judge – I know valentine's is around the corner but I have no use for them, and they cost her £17 andd alls she wants is her Yorkshire teabags!


"On another note my day has just got alot more embarrassing but god dam hilarious at the same time... happy Tuesday, she will be wearing her glasses next time she goes shopping as we are worried what she might come back with next time."

The post has since been shared over 5,000 times and has almost 4,000 likes – with hundreds of people tagging their older family members in a bid to remind them of the dangers of buying teabags without eyewear.

One person even commented: "Wait till you go to customer service and they ask for a price check.....over the tannoy haha."

I suppose to moral of the story is not to go looking for Yorkshire Tea teabags down the jonny aisle, or at last wear your glasses.

Poor Nan– I hope she got those teabags in the end.

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