Grandma opens McDonald’s meal after keeping it in a closet for 24 years


A video of a grandmother opening a McDonald’s meal that she’d apparently kept stashed in a cupboard since 1996 has racked up millions of views online.

The TikTok footage, which has toppled 3.9m clicks since being uploaded last week, shows a woman lifting Maccies wrappers out from a shoebox – which she says she stashed away in her closet almost a quarter-of-a-century ago.

Pointing to the tattered brown packaging, the grandmother says the messages on the outside are “advertising a Nascar Race from 1996”.

She then pulls out the chips, which she describes as looking like “they might have fallen into your seat about a month or so ago; never rotted or decayed.”

They don’t look too appetising, but the burger looks almost as good as new.

“The bread has never moulded,” she says, lifting up the bun.

“The meat has never rotted.

“It’s never even broken, it’s completely intact.”

The video, uploaded by TikTok user @aly.sherb, has since gone viral.

This is not the first instance of ancient McDonald’s meals looking pretty much as good as new despite years spent away from safe storage.

However, McDonald’s representatives have stated in the past that this could be to do with the conditions in which the meals have been kept.

“In order to decompose, you need certain conditions – specifically moisture. Without sufficient moisture – either in the food itself or the environment – bacteria and mould may not grow and therefore, decomposition is unlikely,” reads a message on their website.

‘So if food is or becomes dry enough, it is unlikely to grow mould or bacteria or decompose.”

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