Here’s some of the most hilarious Gogglebox moments of all time

Gogglebox / Channel 4

Gogglebox is Friday night TV viewing at its finest.

The award-winning Channel 4 show became a hit with audiences after it first aired back in March 2013 with it’s simple but interesting premise – inspired by the iconic Mancunian sitcom The Royle Family – that sees different groups of friends and families offer their opinions on the TV shows from the previous week.

And it’s been cracking us up ever since.

It’s a show that has undoubtedly made stars out of all its longstanding cast members, so it’s no wonder that these ‘characters’ have provided us with, not only some of the most hilarious moments in the history of the show, but probably some of the single greatest moments in British TV of all time too.

So, in what is sadly a turbulent time in a year of doom and gloom for Greater Manchester, we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to run through some of the best bits from over the years.

We could all do with a proper good chuckle right now, couldn’t we?


“We all like a bad boy though”

“Yeah, but not a…” we’ll let you finish that off.

We’re starting off the list strong here with what is undoubtedly one of Gogglebox’s most quoted comebacks of all time, courtesy of none other than fan-favourite original cast members Chris and Stephen.

“No, that’s me face pack”

It’s hard to call this iconic Jenny and Lee exchange anything other than what it truly is. And what it is, is one of the greatest moments in TV history.

We need say no more.

“You knobhead Dave”

Dave the dog – arguably one of the best Malone family members – has had his fair share of iconic moments over the past seven years, but this might just be his shining moment.

You’re not a knobhead Dave, we love you.

“The dog kicked me”

While we’re on the topic of legendary Gogglebox dog moments, it would be a crime to leave out what is probably the most memorable canine catastrophe of all.

Revered Kate and Graham were never seen without a cuppa in their hands.

“Go on, hoover Grandma”

Or maybe don’t hoover Grandma.

No, who are we kidding, if he didn’t hoover Grandma we’ve wouldn’t have been treated to this gem from the current series that’s already going down as one of the show’s best belly-laugh moments.

Un-planned moments of gold like this are what really makes the show.

“I have had some Greek in me”

The double entendre is so strong with this one.

It’s the collective moment when they all realise what it is that she’s really just said that makes this classic Michael family scene one we’ll never tire of watching.

“I told you not to touch it”

Just iconic.


Amy Tapper came to be known for her screaming and shouting over the 11 series she appeared on.

But this particular raised voice moment scared the absolute life out of her Dad and for that reason, it will always be one of her most memorable.

“What does friends with benefits mean?”

We could quite honestly make up an entire list featuring iconic moments of the late and great Leon and June Bernicoff, but it’s the innocence of this clip that just sums up why they will always have a special place in the hearts of the nation.

“This is handsome Leon”

Okay, just one more Leon and June moment won’t hurt, will it?

“Ooh, sorry”

Never forget the shoe flip.

“And not one of them said her hairstyle’s sh*t?”

Probably Scarlett’s harshest put down of them all, but she’s not wrong.

… and finally

We couldn’t possibly let a list of Gogglebox best bits go by without including national treasures and everyone’s favourite Welsh nans Mary and Marina, so here is a collection of some of their finest moments over the past few years to end on.

The fact they don’t know just how funny they are is precisely what makes them so funny.

Gogglebox – Nans

The funniest nans on TV.

Posted by Channel 4 on Saturday, 3 November 2018

And there you have it.

With all the cracking characters that’ve graced our television screens over the years, we just know there’s some real gems that we’ve missed off here, so what other iconic Gogglebox moments would you add to the list?

Let us know.

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