Huge debate over Iceland’s Chicago Town ‘pizza scissors’ erupts on social media

Chicago Town

There’s currently a deal going on at Iceland stores across the country and you could walk away with some free pizza scissors out of it as well.

When you buy two large Chicago Town pizzas from the UK’s frozen foods specialist supermarket, not only do you get to take advantage of the ‘two for £5’ deal that’s currently available, but you also get some free pizza scissors too.

Yes, you heard us, scissors that are specifically designed to cut pizza.

Whilst you can obviously just cut your pizza with normal scissors, an original-style pizza cutter, or maybe even a knife instead, what makes these pizza scissors different is that they come with a measuring triangle on the side to help you cut the perfect slice each time.

They even say ‘pizza’ on the blade too, just in case you needed reminding.


Now, you’re probably reading this and thinking one of two things.

You’re either thinking something along the lines of – ‘wow, that’s a pretty good deal and I definitely need some of those scissors in my life’ – or you’re thinking – ‘who the heck cuts pizza with scissors?’.

Whichever one of those options sprung to mind for you, don’t worry, you won’t be alone in that thought, because what started out as Iceland simply advertising a pizza deal, has ended up causing a bit of a debate online and people just can’t seem to agree on it.

Taking to Twitter to get share details of this new deal and get the public’s two cents on the concept of pizza scissors, Iceland wrote: “It’s time to end the debate…”

“How do you cut your pizza – with a pizza cutter or scissors?”

The results of the poll appeared to show that the British public are in far more in favour of using a traditional pizza cutter over a pair of ‘pizza scissors’, but some of the replies were even more interesting.

It turns out there’s a lot more people who cut their pizza with a knife than you probably think.


You can by the Chicago Town ‘two for £5’ pizza deal from Iceland in store, or online here.

It’s advised to always check the opening times of your local Iceland branch before making any trips and you can do so via the store finder here.

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