Instagram account reveals the lengths influencers go to for the perfect shot


The phrase 'doin' it for the Gram' has developed a lot in recent years and with the rise of the influencer still in full swing, Instagram has become a breeding ground for 'the perfect shot'.

Therefore, a hilarious Instagram account that documents just how far these influencers - and their photo takers - will go to get that perfect shot has started picking up some traction on the platform.

Influencers in the Wild collects clips and shots of the hilarious moments that content addicts go just that step too far in order to capture their latest grid post – and it's amazing.


In one instance, a dedicated photo taker climbs atop a skip to ensure her friend stands out in front of a mural wall – and while this one was snapped in LA, you best believe I've seen something identical in Manchester city centre before.

Another shows a small child in a pram snapping away at who we can only assume are her parents. To be fair, this one impressed me quite a bit.

Perhaps one of my favourites, however, shows a dad lifting his daughter up by the foot so she can hug a tree 10 feet in the air. Brilliant.


It goes without saying, that getting the perfect shot for your Insta is a good feeling – but you have to laugh at those who take things a step too far.

However, this act can sometimes take a fatal twist and in recent years some people have sadly lost their lives stepping out of their comfort zone for the perfect photo.

While we chuckle at some of the above examples, please be careful when trying to follow in the footsteps of your favourite influencers. Sometimes, it's just not worth it.

Here are some of the other posts on the accounts...

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Is it a good wall? YYYAAASSS ITS A GOOD WALL

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