Local heroes transform the garden of a single mother targeted by online trolls

Samantha Bradbury

We're faced with trying times at the moment, but the community spirit is stronger than ever and it's bringing out the best of us.

A mother and daughter duo have gone viral on social media after transforming the garden of a young, single mother who was the victim of cruel online trolls.

When Melissa Austin posted a request last week in the Chorley Sales Buy & Sell Facebook group for a spare garden table to replace her broken one, she found herself inundated with nasty comments from strangers about the condition of her garden.

Local heroes Samantha Bradbury and her 13-year-old daughter Erin, from Chorley in Lancashire, noticed the unnecessary trolling that Melissa was receiving and decided to step in and help out.

Rather than just offer advice though, they thoroughly went the extra mile and helped to transform Melissa's garden.

Sharing details of the transformation in a now viral post on Facebook, with before and after pictures of the garden, Samantha said: "Saw a young single mum this morning on Facebook who was getting nasty abuse in the comments."

"All she wanted was a second hand free garden table after hers blew over and smashed but TROLLS commented on her fences and [that] her lawn needing mowing."

"I wasn’t standing for it!"

Saw a young single mum this morning, on Facebook who was getting nasty abuse in the comments... all she wanted was a...

Posted by Samantha Bradbury on Friday, 17 April 2020

"Me and Erin (13) asked them to stay inside (social distanced) while we painted the fences and mowed the front and back [lawns]".

"Another generous lady gave her a table".

"I know she appreciates the kindness of a stranger and the trolls didn’t win. She and her two kids did".

"Now it’s time for a drink... gardening is back breaking work".

Well, you thoroughly deserve that drink Samantha.

How brilliant is this?

This act of kindness has gone on to resonate with so many people online, amassing well over 10,000 interactions and shares, along with hundreds of comments from people offering support and praising all involved.

If stories like this one don't prove that we are all in this together right now, then we don't know what does - a reminder to always #BeKind.

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