Man claims people over a certain age ‘ruin the vibe’ at festivals – and people are quite upset

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 10th June 2022

A man has caused quite a stir on social media this week after claiming that people of a certain age ‘ruin the vibe’ when the attend festivals.

In a Tweet that’s now been shared thousands of time, Daniel claimed that anyone over the age of 35 at a music festival was ‘weirding everyone out’.

Naturally, a lot of people in that age bracket have responded with outrage, flooding the thread with pictures of themselves enjoying live music events.

As they should.

The original post claimed: “people over the age of 35 (and that’s pushing it) attending music festivals don’t realise they’re ruining the vibe and weirding everyone out.


“you might think you’re living your best life but you’re actually living your most embarrassing life. try a real ale festival instead.”

Thousands have responded saying people should be free to attend any event they fancy and enjoy life, at all ages.


One person said: “So sh*te to see how many likes this genuinely has, let people do what they want and enjoy their life they’re not bothering anyone?”

Another said: “Please my under-35 brethren, release yourselves from the shackles of giving f**ks about other people living their lives, if it’s ruining your vibe, your vibe wasn’t strong enough to begin with.”

Someone has upset festival-goers after claiming over-35s ‘ruin the vibe’. Credit: Unsplash

One wrote: “You do realise by the time we get to 35 & especially after our 40s , we’ve reached the stage that we really really don’t give a s**t if we our ‘ruining’ your vibe or ‘weirding’ you out. It great. We don’t need anyones approval. Enjoy yourself.”


Someone pointed out that the average performer age at some of the biggest festivals in the world tends to be over 35.

That includes Parklife in our own city this weekend, where the headliners include 50 Cent (46 years old), Chase & Status (40 and 41 respectively), Eric Prydz (45) and Jessie Ware (37).

Not to mention Glastonbury, which will be headlined by music royalty like Paul McCartney, Diana Ross and Noel Gallagher – all of whom are well past their 35th birthdays.

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One person Tweeted: “@glastonbury will you please tell the pyramid stage they’re weirding everyone out.”


The original poster – who has now changed his profile picture to the words ‘chill out’ – said: “Can’t respond to everyone, but please stop sending me photos of yourself at festivals, you look ridiculous. and that’s coming from me and my marker pen hair. at least I know i look stupid.”

He also said that he ‘wouldn’t show up to music festivals’ personally, because: “I’m in my 40s so it would be ridiculous. i tend to my allotment, read books and walk the dog. let the kids have their fun. my dad wasn’t at the same gigs as me and i won’t be at the same ones as my kids. it’s perfectly normal.”

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