Man discovers we’ve been cutting cheese for Ritz crackers wrong our whole lives

Ritz Crackers

Ever wondered why Ritz crackers have serrated edges?

We’re going to go out on a whim here and say that, no, you probably haven’t given much thought to why Ritz crackers have serrated edges to them. To be honest, there’s a good chance you haven’t even noticed that they do, but once you see this genius reason that someone’s discovered, then you’ll probably be pretty cheesed off that didn’t know sooner.

TikTok’s back at it again.

We really have a lot to thank this video sharing platform for when it comes to tips and tricks during lockdown and this time, it’s bringing us a Ritz cracker / cheese cutting life hack that’s really worth a watch.

Sharing with fellow TikTokers last month, creator @therealnobody30 posted a video where he claims that the real reason Ritz crackers have serrated edging is so that you can cut cheese with them and it’s proving that you probably don’t need a million and one utensils for your next cheese and wine night.

Now, we’re definitely not claiming that this is what those jagged edges are actually for.

We don’t for once second wholly believe that this is the sole reasoning being the design of these crackers and really, there’s a very good chance that they’re just like that for decoration – they’re not the only crackers with serrated edges after all.

Regardless of why they’re like that though, there’s no denying that we’ve picked up a good tip here.

The short tutorial-style video, which shows him explaining how the serrated edges of a Ritz cracker slice up a chunk of cheese that is the perfect size for eating, has gone down pretty well with users on the platform, amassing well over 200K likes and thousands of comments, and has been viewed 1.7 million + times.

We’ll definitely be cutting cheese this way from now on.