Man recreates Glastonbury in his garden with Lego

Adam Hardman/Facebook

The population of Somerset swells every summer, as 200,000 people flock to a field in Pilton for Britain's flagship music event. 

But 2020 wasn't just going to be another edition of Glastonbury. It was being tipped as the festival to end all festivals.

This was the 50th anniversary of a world-famous event that models the biggest and best artists on the planet.

Occasions don't come any bigger.

Even as the grimly lethal reality of COVID-19 became clear, organisers remained hopeful. But even the greatest optimism in the world couldn't save Glasto 2020.

Shortly after mass gatherings were officially banned by the government, it became clear that the festival couldn't go ahead.

It was devastating news. And all ticket-holders dealt with it differently.

Some sobbed. Others swore. Two blokes in Cheshire were so bummed out by the cancellation they actually chose to recreate it themselves in their garden.

As it turns out, Jono Oakes and Adam Hardman's mini Glasto - built primarily with Lego - has ended up attracting more viewers than ticket-holders for the real event.

It's easy to see why, too. These guys really have pulled out all the stops.

From the Pyramid Stage to the toilet signs, the amount of detail committed to the project is nothing short of marvellous - with flags, strobe lights, and a smoke machine all mimicking the Glasto atmosphere.

The Lego crowd are even set up to gawp at the elevated stage ahead - which is rearranged for every new performer.

An iPad backing video is also set up for each act, with the housemates recording sets from the Chemical Brothers, The Killers or Coldplay.

“It’s so bad that it’s good,” Hardman explained to the Warrington Guardian. “I just thought that if someone watches this and smiles then we’ve achieved something."

Adam Hardman/Facebook

So, you won't make it to Glastonbury this year. Never mind.

Embrace the fact there's a tiny version happening online instead - a festival for which you don't even have to leave your home.

Thanks to a pair of Glasto fanatics, you can wade into a crowd of diminutive plastic figures and Gummy Bears to witness the smallest incarnation of the biggest festival in Britain.

That's the kind of world we're living in at the moment...

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