Man stopped by police on M62 for making a brew whilst driving

North West Motorway Police said they "couldn't believe" what they saw when they pulled over the driver for using his mobile phone.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 27th April 2021

There’s multi-tasking, then there’s drinking a cuppa whilst you’re on the motorway. 

Most would agree that making a brew behind the wheel isn’t the smartest move. But for one man, it seems to have been standard procedure – until he was stopped by police yesterday that is. 

Spotted using a mobile phone whilst driving on the M62, a man was promptly pulled over by North West Motorway Police.

But, as he drove onto the hard shoulder, officers also discovered the culprit was in the process of making himself a brew on-the-go.

Sharing the surprising moment on Twitter, the force said: “We couldn’t believe this one!  #MC21 stopped a vehicle on M62 for the driver using their mobile phone whilst driving.


“When he stopped the car, he noticed the driver was also in the process of making a cup of tea.

“Needless to say, a Traffic Offence Report was issued.” 


The tweet has, unsurprisingly, generated some great responses on Twitter. 

One user said “that takes the biscuit,” whilst another joked: “Had he been arrested, you’d be able to take his mug shot.”

Another added: “Hope they didn’t put the milk in before taking the tea bag out.


“That’s a crime in itself.”

Featured image: Twitter