Manc goes viral after becoming ‘the only man in Britain currently eating KFC’


Even KFC's jealous.

When there's not much else to do during lockdown, it's time to celebrate those little victories. We do have a feeling this little victory's going to make a lot of people quite jealous though.

Sorry, it's too good not to share.

Who's missing KFC right now? Sure, you can chef up your own version of fried chicken at home, but it'll never quite be the same will it? That original recipe chicken just can't be replicated and that's the point.

One Mancunian man is probably feeling pretty smug right about now though and he's got every right to.

Shared on Twitter over the weekend, Tim (@timoggy85) posted a photo of some KFC chicken that he had previously frozen many moons ago and re-cooked for himself. As you can imagine, it's gone pretty viral, racking up thousands of retweets, likes and comments from hungry, jealous people across the UK.

The tweet reads: "Laughed at me they did. You can't freeze @KFC_UKI they said. Look at me now! The only man in Britain currently eating KFC. Victory."

The photo has also been shared across other social platforms too, specifically on Reddit, where one user said that "Tim's genius knows no bounds" and to be honest, we have no other choice but to agree with that.

Tim's living in the year 3000 and we've just not caught up yet.

Even KFC is jealous:

Look, you know it's bad when even KFC itself can't get a KFC right now and to make it worse, they can't go to Burger King either because that's shut too.

Mad times.

Fingers crossed this all blows over soon, right? Hang in there Manchester.

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