Met Office predicts a 14-day heatwave is coming next month

Weather forecasting experts are expecting to see a continuation of July's rising temperatures.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st July 2021

Another sweltering two-week heatwave is set to arrive in the UK next month, the Met Office has predicted.

Greater Manchester has joined much of the country in basking in the glorious sunshine as temperatures have soared over the past week or so, with the hottest day of the year so far having been recorded on two separate occasions.

Although highs of 33°C are still expected to be reached this week, thundery isolated showers are also expected, and after Thursday, the intense heat is forecast to cool slightly, with temperatures in the 20°Cs more likely at the weekend.

But it looks like this will only be a short respite. The Met Office is now predicting another 14-day heatwave in August.

Weather forecasters are expecting to see a continuation of July’s rising temperatures, with the dates 2 – 16 August set to be another scorcher.


The Met Office explained: “By early August, warmer and drier-than-average conditions look likely to return for much of the UK, although there is an increased risk of thunderstorms, especially in the southeast.

“Above-average temperatures continue to be signalled for much of the period, perhaps becoming very warm or hot at times in the south.”


The forecasts for another heatwave come after the Met Office notably issued its first ever ‘extreme heat’ amber alert weather warning for the UK on Monday – which covered a large part of Wales, all of southwest England, and parts of southern and central England.

Giving an insight into what Brits can expect from the rest of this week, Chief Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office Steven Ramsdale said: “The high temperatures are going to continue through a large part of this week.

“Many areas will continue to reach heatwave thresholds, but the amber extreme heat warning focuses on western areas where the most unusually high temperatures are likely to persist.


“There’s a continuing risk of isolated thundery downpours late in the afternoons but most areas will stay dry until later in the week [and] temperatures should begin to fall for most areas heading into the weekend, with some more unsettled conditions looking to develop.”

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