Michael Owen’s hilarious reaction to daughter Gemma’s raunchy dance on Love Island

Michael Owen has reacted to his daughter Gemma's raunchy dance on Love Island last night, and fans are finding it hilarious.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 29th June 2022

Michael Owen has reacted to his daughter Gemma’s raunchy dance on Love Island last night, and fans are finding it hilarious.

Last night’s episode of the hit ITV reality show Love Island saw the return of one of the series’ most popular and infamous annual challenges, where the islanders are hooked up to heart monitoring machines and are then tasked with performing raunchy dances for the other competitors to see who’s heart they can raise and who raises their heart the most.

It’s a challenge that’s known for bringing the drama and often becoming the catalyst for a fair few arguments in the villa – and last night was no exception.

As it was the turn of this year’s youngest contestant, 19-year-old international dressage rider Gemma Owen – who is the eldest of four children to Michael Owen – to take on the challenge, the former footballer took to Twitter to share his hilarious reaction.

Gemma was one of the first girls up, and while she danced for all the boys, she mostly focused on raising Luca’s heart rate – who she has been coupled up with for most of her time in the villa – and the two got closer than ever.


After Gemma successfully completed the challenge, her dad shared his embarrassed reaction on social media as he watched on from home.

A man of a few words, or in this case no words at all, Michael simply tweeted a single emoji of a person hiding their face and covering their eyes with their hands.


It has already amassed over 12,000 retweets and more than 60,000 likes.

After the former England international and TV pundit – who notably played for big-name clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, and Newcastle during his career – shared his reaction to the challenge, hundreds of viewers, fans, and even some famous brands and companies responded in the comments.

Gemma Owen taking on the infamous heart rate challenge on last night’s episode of Love Island / Credit: ITV

One viewer replied to Michael’s tweet: “Watching your daughter strip on prime time TV for a fisherman would have made my heart explode.”


“Wrong night to tune in mate,” another fan commented.

A third responded: “A dad’s nightmare. To be fair you should feel very proud. She’s a very mature 19 year old and can clearly hold her own.”

Specsavers, Boots, O2, and Deliveroo were some of the brands to respond to the viral tweet.

Michael Owen had previously already shared his thoughts about his daughter’s time on Love Island ahead of her taking part in the fan-favourite ITV show, calling it “every father’s worst nightmare”.

He said he was originally a bit “skeptical” when she first told him, but added that she is a “sensible girl” though.


He told ITV News: “I have no doubts that she will make us all proud

“It’s probably a father’s worst nightmare, but whatever she wants to do, you’ve got be supportive.”

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The 42-year-old said he’d never watched the popular ITV show before, but he’s “heard a lot about it” and will tuning in this year, adding: “I think old, grumpy men like me will always have an opinion on it because I don’t watch it and you just hear the snippets, but she assures me that it’s not as bad as I think.

“So, we’ll give it a watch and I hope she enjoys herself.”

Featured Image – ITV