Molly-Mae lists northern slang terms she’d never heard before living in Manchester

'She's a northern girl now'

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 2nd June 2024

Molly-Mae Hague has listed some northern slang words that have crept into her vocabulary since moving to Manchester.

The influencer, who has a whopping 7.8m followers on Instagram alone, said that ‘she’s a northern girl now’.

She’s reeled off a load of expressions and sayings that she’s started using now that she’s lived up north so long, sparking a bit of a debate in the comments as usual.

Some of the phrases are ones that might seem pretty commonplace to Mancs, but are actually a bit weird for people in other parts of the country.

Molly-Mae, who’s originally from Hertfordshire, said: “I’ve lived in Manchester since I was 17 and I’m now 24, and I’ve picked up a lot of things I would never, ever have said from a girl living down south. So I’m gonna tell you a few of those thing.


“Number one it ‘that’s tight’. This is, this is just funny. I must say ‘that’s tight’ 10 times a day now. When I lived down south I had no idea what that meant, never heard anybody say it.

“Second thing is putting ‘that’ after the end of so many things. So for example ‘tastes awful that’, or like ‘it’s tight, that’. That is so northern to me, never used to say that down south.


“One of my favourites, number three, mithered. Gotta be one of my top three favourite words. ‘Mither to death’, ‘mither central’, ‘I’m being mithered’, ‘You’re a mitherer’. One of my favourite ones.

“That is like when you’re being bothered, if someone’s mithering you, they’re bothering you. I freaking love that one.

“Another good one is ‘snide’. Snide I’d never heard of when I lived down south.”


She continued: “Another word that nobody uses down south, no one – what the hell is a barm cake? I see it outside of so many, like, coffee shops or like breakfast places. I love it, I absolutely love it. It’s just like a roll.

The final Manchester slang term Molly-Mae brought up was more of a pronunciation thing: “Last one I can think of, which I don’t personally use, but Tommy calls his mum ‘Mam’. M-A-M. And I didn’t know that people up north called their mum ‘mam. I wonder if Bambi will call me mam. I kind hope not, cos it just doesn’t feel right.”

She said: “When my family members come and see me, they’re like ‘why are you talking like that?'”

In the comment section, several southerners popped up to join in the debate. One person said: “As a Londoner – I don’t even know what she’s saying.”

Someone else wrote: “As an American this is soo WILD to me since London to Manchester is only a 4 hour drive.”


Then other Mancs added their own favourite slang words.

One person said: “We always say proper and innit in nearly every sentence, like ‘that’s proper sound that innit’.”

Another posted: “Angin – my mates not from Manchester thing it’s hilarious when I say it.”

Someone else said: “Mint is my favourite thing to say. Mint that.”

What’s your favourite bit of Manc slang?

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Featured image: TikTok, mollymaehague