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One Day star Leo Woodall says ‘soft Mancunian’ is the most attractive accent

Sometimes we write serious stuff, other times we just nerd out over people from our favourite shows.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 27th February 2024

If you haven’t watched the recent adaptation of One Day on Netflix, first of all: congrats on not being emotionally tormented like the rest of us and, secondly, leading man Leo Woodall might have just given you an extra little incentive by declaring Mancunian as the most attractive accent.

‘Soft’ Manc, to be specific. We’re not exactly what that sounds like or where about in Greater Manchester he’s referring to it, but we’ll get into all that later.

The much-adored piece of contemporary romance was previously made into a film back in 2011 but a whole new generation of viewers are now stumbling across the love story thanks to the 14-part Netflix series which was released this February.

Don’t worry, we won’t go into too much detail on the plot as there’s no way we’re spoiling this for you but, as it turns out, actor Leo Woodall — who plays the heart-throb everyone loves to hate, Dexter Mayhew, in the show — told journalist Olivia Marks in a recent interview with that he loves Manc accents.

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As you can see in the short clip, taken from Marks’ chat with Woodall and co-star Ambika Mod, who plays female lead Emma Morley, after receiving some praise for voice in the show, the pair are then asked what accents they find most attractive in real life after Timmy Chalamet went viral for his answer.


While Mod, who delivers a virtually flawless Leeds accent, admits she’s a sucker for an Irish accent (aren’t we all?), ‘Dex’ himself says that “a soft Mancunian [accent] is great” — yet another reason to jump on the bandwagon and watch One Day, this guy clearly knows his stuff.

Jumping at the chance to let the 27-year-old actor that she’ll “take that” as she is also a Mancunian, though she did admit she may have “lost it a bit because [she’s] been in London for so long”.


Again, similar to Leo’s very specific answer, we’re not exactly sure whereabouts in the region Olivia is from, but come back up North whenever you’re ready, mate — we’ll get the kettle on.

leo woodall dexter one day loves the manc accent
Credit: Netflix

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So yeah, do ignore our blushing but you heard it here first, a very undeniably good-looking bloke off the telly said that we have the most attractive accent and he should know a thing or two about that, just look at the state of the bugger.

Of course, he’s not the first person to state what we deem as a simple fact of human nature at this point; in fact, a survey of over 2,500 Brits carried out in 2023 officially voted us in the ‘sexiest accent in the UK’ and we’re taking that straight to the handsome bank with all the other pretty people.


Seriously though, you should all go and watch One Day on Netflix and not just because Dexter—sorry, Leo, said we sound nice. Just make sure to buy a big box of tissues and be ready to message all of your loved ones saying you need a hug.

As for the interview itself, you can watch ‘r Liv’s full chat with the cast of One Day down below:

Watch Leo Woodall show some love to us Mancunians and more.

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