M&S surprises Walkden mum with incredible customer service response after complaining about her son’s PJs

The Walkden mum complained after finding a fault in a pair of Marvel-themed pyjamas that she bought for her son.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 10th June 2021

A surprised mum has taken to social media to share an incredible customer service response after complaining to her local M&S branch.

After finding fault in a pair of Marvel-themed pyjamas that she bought for her son at the Walkden branch of Marks & Spencer, the local mum decided to message the department store chain on Facebook to lodge a complaint and seek some assistance.

She wasn’t quite expecting the reply she received in response though.

Sharing a now-viral screen shot of the message exchange with the over 1.1 million members of the ever-popular Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook, the mum admitted the response by the M&S employee – who signed-off the message as Steve – “made my day”.

The response from M&S said: “I was originally going to go through the usual process of “Please return these to your local store so that our team can…” [but] we don’t have time for that. If your little superhero is without his Super Marvel PJs, how will be able to save the world and protect us from any supervillain attacks?!?


“THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!! So I’ve reshipped a new pair of the PJs and they’re due to be delivered tomorrow.”

The message continued: “And if you’re wondering what that strange breeze was just now, it was the collective sigh of relief that your little superhero is keeping us all safe and sound once again.


“Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.”

How brilliant is this?

The rest of the public seemed to be just as surprised as the mum herself at the nature of the response, as the post has understandably gone viral within the group and has racked up a whopping 48K interactions and over 2.5K comments from people both praising M&S for its customer service and sharing their own stories.


One person commented: “This made me a bit teary – that’s lovely.”, another added: “That’s brilliant, why can’t all customer service advisors be like this?”, and a third said: “Fantastic customer service and wonderful personality – I wish everyone took this approach.”

Another shared a similar customer service experience saying: “I once contacted Golden Bear who make the Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom toys to replace one of the figures that had been posted in the DVD player [and] they wrote back to my daughter and sent a full set of figures saying how unfortunate the other one had climbed into the DVD player etc.”

“It was so lovely [and] I’ve never forgotten it.” she added.

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