Mugshot of man wanted by police goes viral as he’s labelled a ‘fit felon’

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 28th January 2022

A wanted man’s mugshot has gone viral this week after police shared an appeal for information.

West Yorkshire Police has been flooded with almost 10,000 comments since they shared a mugshot of Jonathan Cahill, 37.

But the comments weren’t filled with tips as to the man’s whereabouts – they were almost entirely about the man’s appearance, The Hoot reports.

Cahill, who is around 6ft tall and of medium build, is wanted on recall to prison.

The man is believed to have breached the terms of his release.


He was released from prison last September after serving part of a sentence for burglary, police say.

The man with the viral mugshot is believed to be residing in Wakefield. Credit: Geograph

It’s believed that the blue-eyed fugitive is currently residing in Wakefield.


West Yorkshire Police might have some willing volunteers to track him down though – one person on Facebook quipped: “Should be easy to find, half the women in West Yorkshire will be chasing him after reading these comments.”

One of the other commenters wrote: “What’s his crime breaking hearts or houses?”

Someone else said: “Christ almighty he can hide under my bed….”


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Another wrote about the comments on the mugshot: “He’ll be asking for police protection soon enough when he sees this.”

One person joked: “The red flags are always the hottest.”

Anyone who can assist in locating him is asked to contact police in Wakefield on 101 or by using the contact options on the West Yorkshire Police website.

Information can also be reported anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or online.

Featured image: West Yorkshire Police