Mum uses genius hack to trick kids into eating home cooked oven pizza

Stacey Smithson

Pizza just tastes better from a takeaway, doesn't it?

We've all thought that at some point. It's a bold claim, we know, and let's just hope that it doesn't ever make its way over to Italy because we bet they'd have a lot to say about it too, but there's just something about a good takeaway pizza.

It beats anything you buy from a supermarket, right?

Or does it? Is it all in our heads maybe? Is it just one big trick?

One Mum is out to prove that yes, it could very well be our minds influencing us a bit here and she's gone pretty viral in doing so. When Stacey Smithson revealed that her children apparently "don't like home cooked oven pizza", she had other ideas. Those other ideas involved a genius hack that could save a lot of parents a lot of pennies and hassle, especially during this period of UK lockdown and strict social distancing measures amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Posted in the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group, Stacey Smithson shared her tips for tricking her children into eating shop bought pizza now that a lot of popular takeaways have temporarily closed nationwide.

Stacey Smithson

The post reads: "Thank you to the delivery driver that left our food outside on an empty pizza box last week. So apparently my kids don’t like home cooked oven pizza .... yeah right."

"I knocked on the door, for the dog to bark ... and gave the kids the takeaway pizza, which they have now FINISHED!!!!"

"1-0 to mum".

As hacks often do, this one's got a lot of people talking, amassing tens of thousands of likes and well over 600 comments from parents who are pretty eager to give it a go themselves to see if it can work for their family.

Stacey Smithson

It turns out Stacey isn't the only one to have thought of a few devious parenting hacks along the way, with many other parents revealing that they too have tried something similar with their child's favourite foods and takeaways in a bid to save a bit of money and keep them healthier.

So there you have it, it seems it is all in our minds after all.

Or does this just prove that kids are easier to fool? I'm sure many adults could tell the difference, but we'll overlook that.

Either way, it's definitely worth a crack.

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