Mystery man spotted riding the tram in Manchester with a PIGEON on his shoulder

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 5th May 2022

We’re all used to seeing pigeons scattered all over Manchester.

Piccadilly Gardens is a haven for the feathered beasts, you can barely walk down Market Street without getting hit in the face with a bird, and they love picking through your McDonald’s leftovers at St Ann’s Square.

But commuters this morning were surprised to find themselves quite literally face-to-face with a pigeon.

A mystery man boarded a Metrolink tram heading between Chorlton and Manchester city centre with his feathered friend in tow.

The passenger was photographed with an actual pigeon perched on his shoulder, like a greyscale chubby parrot.

The man was spotted riding the Metrolink with his pet pigeon in tow. Credit: Submitted

One eye-witness who got in touch with The Manc said that people ‘barely batted an eyelid’ at the strange sight.

They added: “I saw a video of him the other day when he goes in a shop he puts the pigeon down and it waits for him like a f***ing dog.”


The man, and his pet pigeon, are often spotted out an about around Manchester, but seeing the bird quite that close on your morning commute is a bit of a surprise.

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Someone who saw presumably the same pairing (unless there’s two of them, which we doubt) earlier this week tweeted: “It’s too early for a man to get on the tram with a pigeon on his shoulder.”


A spokesperson for TfGM said: “We are planning a pilot to allow dogs on trams but sadly there no plans to expand this to pigeons.”

Metrolink recently revealed plans to test dogs being allowed on the tram network for the first time since 1992.

Currently, all animals are banned from the service, apart for service animals.

Featured image: Submitted