Oldham police and supermarket staff work together to help a struggling family

After discovering a family struggling for food, Oldham police officers contacted the local Tesco - which kindly donated provisions and toys.

The Manc The Manc - 1st February 2021
Tesco on Huddersfield Rd kindly offered to provide food, provisions and toys for a local family / Image: GMP Oldham Central

A house call made by Oldham police officers culminated in a heartwarming act of humanity this past weekend.

Concerns had been raised for a young family on Eldon Street in recent times, and two Greater Manchester Police officers headed out to the property to investigate.

A mother and two infants were inside, but during the visit, the pair of PCs also noticed there was an extremely short supply of food available.

One of the children was also suffering from kidney disease.

All the food banks were closed given the late hour, so officers decided to reach out to the local Tesco – situated 1.5 miles away on Huddersfield Road.

Staff at the Tesco supermarket on Huddersfield Road kindly provided items to help the family / Image: Google

Supermarket staff not only agreed to donate a wide variety of food items and provisions including bread and milk to help the family – they also threw in some toys for the kids.

GMP Oldham Central took to social media on Monday (February 1) to express their gratitude.


“This made a huge difference to their wellbeing and was an extremely kind donation,” the police force wrote.

“Thank you to all the staff at Tesco”.

The act of kindness has also been met with an outpouring of appreciation online – with local residents applauding GMP and Tesco for helping the struggling family.


One user wrote: “Nobody wants families to suffer we all need to stick together and help each other when times are hard a little bit of help goes a long way to help suffering families.

“It’s nice to be nice.”