People are losing their heads over how much sugar is in a Creme Egg


To be fair, it is quite a bit.

There’s a lot of chocolate knocking about this time of year.

Without a doubt, a firm favourite for many is a Creme Egg. Even though your teeth can sometimes feel like they’re about to fall out after eating one, we don’t tend to give that much of a thought to how much sugar is actually in a Creme Egg, do we?

It stands to reason though that this creamy, gooey goodness would have a fair bit of sugar in, but people are losing their heads over just how much sugar it is.

According to the Cadbury website, each Creme Egg contains 26.5g of sugar.

Struggling to put that into perspective? It’s probably best to think of it as teaspoonfuls then. For 26.5g of sugar, that’s 6.6 teaspoonfuls to be exact, so it’d be one sweet brew.

Wikimedia Commons

We don’t want to alarm you of course, but the NHS states that: “The type of sugars most adults and children in the UK eat too much of are free sugars” and this is the sugar we are talking about here.

The NHS advises that adults should only consume 30g max of ‘free sugars’ a day, for children aged between seven and 10, no more than 24g a day and for children aged between four and six, it’s even less at 19g a day.

The moral of the story for situations like this though is simply just to consume everything in moderation. It will always be your choice how many Creme Eggs you choose to eat, we’re not going to tell you how to live your life, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping a few of these facts in the back of your mind, is there?

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