People called David and Sarah revealed as having ‘the most criminal charges in the UK’

Can a name really influence who we turn out to be?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 10th May 2021

We all know that our names play a huge part in our identity.

Anyone who’s ever been tasked with picking a name will understand importance of and the power in the decision – but can a name really influence who we turn out to be? Or, more specifically, are there some names that are more likely than others to end up on a judge’s docket?

In an attempt to find out if a name can make someone more likely to become a criminal, casino review platform GoodLuckMate decided to put this theory to the test.

By making a series of Freedom of Information requests to police forces around the country, GLM asked for the names of people that were charged with crimes in the last two years, so it could discover and reveal the names most likely to commit crimes.

In total, 42,671 names were received from various police forces around the country, which then enabled researchers to work out which names had the most criminal charges attached to them.


The top 65 names were traditionally male names, with these being the top 10:

  1. David – 1,010 criminal charges
  2. Daniel – 1,001 criminal charges
  3. Michael – 895 criminal charges
  4. Paul – 874 criminal charges
  5. James – 796 criminal charges
  6. John – 742 criminal charges
  7. Mark – 742 criminal charges
  8. Lee – 701 criminal charges
  9. Christopher – 691 criminal charges
  10. Andrew – 660 criminal charges

And while male names have tended to account for the vast majority of arrests, GLM was also keen to know which traditionally female names were most often on the wrong side of the law.

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Here’s the top 10:

  1. Sarah – 117 criminal charges
  2. Amy – 111 criminal charges
  3. Claire – 104 criminal charges
  4. Lisa – 103 criminal charges
  5. Lauren – 101 criminal charges
  6. Kelly – 99 criminal charges
  7. Rachel – 98 criminal charges
  8. Nicole – 85 criminal charges
  9. Michelle – 80 criminal charges
  10. Louise – 75 criminal charges

On top of that, researchers also chose take a closer look at the UK’s current most popular names to see how they measure up when it comes to committing crimes, with the most popular male name – Oliver – turning up in 55 criminal charges, and the most popular female name – Olivia – turning up in 10 criminal charges, so not too bad overall.

You can read the lists in full via the GoodLuckMate website here.

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