Police stop car on M62 after spotting a dead pig’s leg in the back window

Now this isn't something North West Motorway Police see everyday.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th December 2020
North West Motorway Police

Now this isn’t something you see everyday.

The North West Motorway Police are used to dealing with all manner of instances in a bid to keep our roads as safe as possible, but what officers were not expecting to see heading past them on the M62 earlier this week was a car with, what appeared at first sight to be, a dead pig’s leg in the rear windscreen.

After spotting the peculiar sight yesterday afternoon, officers decided to pull over the vehicle and their enquiries revealed that the legs actually belonged to two dead pigs which had just been bought by the driver.

That’s not all though either.

Officers also found that the driver of the vehicle in question also had no licence, and that his window wipers were being worked using string and the help of the passenger.


Following the unusual discovery, police took to social media to share the news.

And understandably, people just couldn’t believe what they were reading.


North West Motorway Police wrote: “Vehicle drove passed us on the M62 [and] after seeing what appeared to be a leg stuck up in the back window, we stopped it to find 2 full dead pigs that had just been purchased,

“Driver had no driving license [and] his wipers were being worked by string by the passenger,



As you can also imagine, the officers weren’t the only ones to crack a joke, as the post – which has since attracted thousands of interactions, shares and comments – is filled with plenty of pig-related puns, alongside the expected messages of shock and disgust.

The jokes do write themselves though, to be fair.