Andy Burnham-themed ‘King of the North’ beer now exists thanks to Seven Bro7hers

In a fitting toast to the man of the hour, a local brewery has decided to launch an Andy Burnham beer.

The Mayor of Greater Manchester’s passionate defence of the region these past few weeks has captured the imagination of local residents and businesses alike – as he united local leaders to fight for a better deal ahead of GM entering Tier 3 restrictions.

Burnham’s rallying cries have made national headlines – but they’ve also inspired Manc-based brewery Seven Bro7hers to launch an IPA in the GM’s leader honour.

It’s called ‘King of the North’.

Seven Bro7hers announced the new brew this week – packaging it inside a red label tin with yellow castles whilst an image of the Mayor’s trademark glasses takes centre stage.

The Andy Burnham beer has been created in collaboration with TiPJAR and businesses across Manchester to raise funds for the vulnerable.

A QR code will be added to every label to giving drinkers the chance to provide a ‘tip’ to those who need it most.

Posting an image of the can on Twitter, Seven Bro7thers wrote: “Tiers are flooding, the tips have dried up… enter KING OF THE NORTH! Inspired by Andy Burnham, we’ve teamed up with TipJar and our hospitality mates from across the city, raising funds for hospitality workers in need.”

Keith McAvoy, chief executive of the brewery, said: “We can’t ignore the covid rates across our region, but many businesses have been impacted by the constant rule changing and restrictions.

“Tier 3 has seen some establishments close, and they won’t open their doors again.

“Mirroring the spirit of Andy Burnham sticking up for his region, we want to back our sector, too, and do something to help. That’s why a percentage of sales from the King of the North will be donated to hospitality charities.”

He added: “We urge people to stay safe and to support your local hospitality businesses. Follow the rules, buy a beer, and together we can help businesses to make it out the other side of tier 3 and curfews.”

Andy Burnham beer will be sold online from November 4 – and may also soon be available in Manchester bars according to Beer Today.

You can pre-order a can of ‘King of the North’ online from the Seven Bro7hers website here.

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