The laundry detergent toilet hack that’s dividing internet users

Reading an unheard-of home hack on the internet often feels like discovering like a precious secret. Provided it actually works.

Good tips can make managing your property quicker, easier and even cheaper. Bad suggestions can create absolute chaos.

But the latest hack to rear its head online is an intriguing one. It’s splitting Britain right down the middle.

It all began when a post appeared online encouraging homeowners to pour laundry detergent down their toilet tank.

The liquid would settle at the base and release a lovely scent into the bathroom whenever the flush handle went down, readers were assured.

The hack initially went viral in early 2020 and has since reappeared; racking up thousands of comments and shares on Facebook.

Some have sworn it’s an absolute game-changer. But others aren’t so sure.

Several users – many of whom claimed to work in the plumbing industry or had partners who did – passionately denounced the toilet hack.

These naysayers argued that filling a tank with a substance such as detergent can lead to the pipes becoming blocked; ultimately resulting in costly repairs later down the line.

Website Ideal Home actually went one further, apparently contacting a professional plumbing company to find out.

They didn’t like the idea at all.

“We’ve all seen the mess fabric softener can leave in a washing machine drawer. Over time it leaves a sticky film, which can coagulate and block your washing machine,” a spokesperson told the website.

“If added to a toilet this means it may build-up and stick somewhere in your drainage.”

Jan Antonin Kolar / Unsplash

Nonetheless, some users remain undeterred – apparently utterly committed to giving it a go.


Perhaps it’s best to stick to air fresheners here. Just to be on the safe side…

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