The top 10 worst plates of food ever posted on Rate My Plate

Rate My Plate/Facebook

Rate My Plate is the kind of place where come for the cuisine and you stay for the comments. 

The social media account invites people to post images of their home-cooked grub for the rest of the world to see - from the utterly divine to the downright disastrous.

Launched in 2018, the page has amassed more than two-and-a-half million followers who regularly come to critique, analyse or - most frequently of all - condemn the servings on show.

There are some truly criminal candidates for the worst dishes to ever appear on Rate My Plate, but we've had a good go at digging them up for you.

Let's hope you've already finished your breakfast...

"Little bit of heaven"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

This looks more like something you'd find in a nightclub bathroom than a dinner table.

Jesus. What even is it?

"Ketchup sandwich"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

Cheap and not-so-cheerful - this "Ketchup Sandwich" looks like it's genuinely suffering.

It needs to be put out of its misery.

"Slow cooked sosig and mash"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

One user described this monstrosity as the insides of a "colostomy bag".

Creator Terri T must've held their nose tucking into that.


"Roast chicken with potatoes and gravy"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

Head to the big bins outside your house, have a good old rummage around, and scoop up a handful of the contents.

Whatever you pull out will be more appetising than this vomit-inducing "roast chicken with potatoes and gravy".

"Tonight's tea"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

Shane C is really throwing the dice of life with this one.

It's a swimming pool of salmonella.

The fact that a user Photoshopped men in hazmat suits onto the plate says it all.


Rate My Plate/Facebook

Points for creativity... but who wants to chow down on a dog's face?

Besides, it bears more of a resemblance to Chewbacca.

"Mac & Cheese Pork Loaf"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

This unsettling hybrid is definitely infected and there is no cure.

Didn't something like this appear on the set of "Alien"?

"Mushrooms on toast"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

There's a comment on this photo that suggests these "mushrooms" were tipped onto the toast by a cement mixer.

Seems likely.

Looking at this putrid pile of sludge, you can almost taste the gravel.

"Bacon, Eggs & Beans"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

Of course, Carol C had to make the cut - the most infamous Rate My Plate poster of all time.

This soppy mess has got of a tonne of comments, but Michael Orozco perhaps summed it up best: "Thanks Carol, that’s the kids crying. Sake."

We feel like bawling, too. That poor fry-up is on life support.

"Roast Chicken Dinner"

Rate My Plate/Facebook

"A good vet could bring that chicken back," says Lucinda Hoban in the comments section.

We think she might be right. A bit of CPR and this fowl would be clucking again.

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