There’s an Instagram account dedicated to pictures of miserable men on shopping trips

We all love a bit of retail therapy every now and then, but not everyone is thrilled about that.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 29th October 2020
Instagram – @miserable_men / @georodriguez

We all love a bit of retail therapy every now and then.

Whether it be clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, electricals, homeware, or even food, we all have our material ‘weakness’, but it can do us all a bit of good to treat ourselves on occasion.

Getting the opportunity to indulge in a physical shopping trip experience has been somewhat harder to come by this year though amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with many retail outlets deemed to be ‘non-essential’ and thus ordered to temporarily close earlier this year, meaning that online shopping became a friend to many.

Now that some elements of normality have resumed though, and retail stores have been given the greenlight to continue operating under Tier 3 restrictions in Greater Manchester, the shopping trip is back on.

Although some people aren’t too thrilled about that.


It’s mainly true that you can only truly reap the benefits of retail therapy when you’re shopping for yourself, so when you’re shopping with others, this means a good amount of waiting around is probably involved, and we’ve stumbled across an Instagram account that illustrates this exact point perfectly.

It’s called @miserable_men and it’s solely dedicated to posting pictures of men who would literally rather be anywhere else but on that shopping trip.

Instagram – @miserable_men / @kenny_deckard

The account has attracted over 345k followers and it’s growing by the day.

It’s filled with thousands of photos that have been sent in by people from all over the world showcasing men dozing outside changing rooms, sulking in shop windows, waiting with the bags, and generally appearing to re-evaluate their life decisions.

And it’s just hilarious.

Instagram – @miserable_men / @liamd_d
Instagram – @miserable_men / @essediafoilouco
Instagram – @miserable_men / @pjbrooke

Pictures really do speak a thousand words.

Head on over and follow @miserable_men on Instagram if you fancy a good laugh.