Why Online Casino is at Home in Manchester

Ever at the forefront of the latest trends, Mancunians have been a driving force behind the growing popularity of online casino gaming.

The Manc The Manc - 8th December 2020

Ever at the forefront of the latest trends, Mancunians have been a driving force behind the growing popularity of online casino gaming.

Traditionally, the city has been home to several physical casinos that have helped to characterise Manchester’s nightlife, including premises in the city centre, on Deansgate and across the wider region. A cursory glance at Google Maps shows that the city itself is home to seven major casinos, including many of the industry’s biggest names.

Those symbols of leisure endure to this day, but the industry at large has broadened to include an incredible selection of online games, offering experienced players and newbies alike the chance to sample the thrill of the casino wherever they are. If you’d like to find out more, check out sbobet

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Macunians have again been at the forefront of this trend. Greater Manchester boasts one of the UK’s most diverse populations, with a significant BAME population, particularly in the city itself, alongside an estimated 100,000 students, many with smartphones in their pockets. This broad cross-section of people within the city and a high concentration of Millenials makes it a great target market for any growing online entertainment sector. 

Additionally, the city’s love affair with football means its population likely to already be more engaged than other UK conurbations with leading betting brands. These factors, coupled with its growing population of more than half a million, makes it the perfect target area for online casino operators.

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A staple of the casino dating back many years, Blackjack combines good fortune with strength of nerves and conviction. The rules are simple and the gameplay is thrilling, making the game a timeless and universal classic.

It’s a game that’s remained popular everywhere, including Manchester, with online casinos adapting it for a more tech-savvy audience. You can now play blackjack online at Betfair Casino against a real dealer, alongside different variations on the standard game, including a Frankie Dettori-branded title.


Blackjack is a game that rewards confidence but can punish cockiness, qualities that us Mancs have by the bucket load.


The ultimate casino game of chance, roulette is another game that has stood the test of time and made the transition online very quickly. Players can enjoy the game with a low stake and stand an outside chance of winning a big prize.

The odds of the ball landing on a single number are long, although it’s also possible to increase your chances of winning by placing multiple bets. Each round of roulette is quick and there’s no long-term strategy required.


Roulette, especially the live variant of the game, which involves streaming a video feed of a real roulette table, also has a connection to the city. Intelligent Gaming, which is a subsidiary of the iGaming company Playtech, is based in the city. The company helps support live roulette, among other aspects of the behind-the-scenes operation of casinos.


Not commonly associated with the traditional casino, bingo has been a visible part of Mancunian culture for generations. Bingo halls within the city and beyond have helped bring communities together and provided hours of entertainment.

The game’s transition online has helped the game reach new audiences, with the average bingo player now much younger than in previous years. This makes it the perfect match for Manchester’s student population.

Also aided by the emergence of Bongo’s Bingo, this classic British game has its heritage in the working men’s clubs of the North West and it’s heartening to see it reinvented for the digital age.

It’s clear that online casino engages with audiences globally and Manchester makes up only a tiny part of that. But when you study the games in more detail, it’s easy to see why locals are so drawn to the action.