You can help save Manchester’s iconic 42’s nightclub from closure by buying a brew


A local Macclesfield-based coffee roasters has launched a “special one off” blend in the name of Manchester’s iconic 42nd Street nightclub.

It comes after it was sadly announced earlier this month that the indie venue 42nd Street – one of the most beloved denizens in Manchester’s nightlife neighbourhood based just off Deansgate and known colloquially among students and locals alike as ’42’s’ – is at risk of permanent closure due to lasting effects from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The nightclub closed to the public when lockdown first hit back in March, and hasn’t reopened since.

And this is why Rocks Off Coffee decided to create the 42’s Don’t Go Away Coffee blend, with 100% of all profits being donated to the nightclub’s CrowdFunder to help keep the 42’s doors open. 

This means Mancunians can help save 42’s by simply just buying a brew.

Rocks Off Coffee

The 42’s Don’t Go Away Coffee a is a supremo coffee with chocolatey and nutty tones sourced from Medellin, Columbia.

Columbia is the third largest grower of coffee globally and is known as one of the finest coffee growing countries in the world, with the Columbians having a fantastic reputation among caffeine connoisseurs, so you know it must be good.

It’s described by Rocks Off Coffee as being a “delicious mild coffee if filtered” and “sweet and slightly bright” as an espresso.

It comes in a range of grinds – Espresso (Fine Grind), Aeropress (Medium-Fine Grind), Pour-Over (Medium Grind), French Press/Cafetière (Coarse Grind), and Full Bean – allowing you to choose your coffee depending on your preference.

This coffee is fully-washed, delivering “clarity and a healthy brightness” in the cup that can be enjoyed in large quantities at anytime throughout the day.

The 42’s Don’t Go Away Coffee is priced at just £8.00 (250g) and you can pick up a pack from the Rocks Off Coffee website here.

If you’re not a coffee drinker, but would still like to contribute, you are encouraged to please give whatever you can to support a nightclub which has provided so many of us with some of the greatest, funniest and most absurd memories of nights out in Manchester.

You can donate to the 42’s CrowdFunder here.

Make sure to follow 42nd Street on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too to keep up with the journey.


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