You can now buy a spider repellent spray for £3.99 at Aldi

The spray dries to leave a mint barrier around household entry points that works to repel insects

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 13th September 2021

People are rushing to their nearest Aldi to get their hands on a spider repellent spray that’s said to work wonders.

The Zero In Spider Repellent Spray is a natural, poison-free, welfare-friendly spider deterrent that looks to be ideal for anyone keen to keep the spiders away from their home as the temperature drops and the wet weather arrives this autumn and winter.

According to a description for the popular product, the Zero In Spider Repellent Spray contains mint – which works to repel spiders without harm.

The natural mint formula is supplied in a handy trigger bottle, meaning it’s ready to spray around windows and doors in the home to create a natural barrier against spiders and other crawling insects.

It’s also suitable for use around children or pets as it contains no poisons or chemicals.


Once applied in a problem area, the spray dries to leave a mint barrier around household entry points that works to repel insects, and it’s advised that you re-apply in target areas after cleaning or every two / three weeks to maintain effectiveness.

And it’s only £3.99 from Aldi.


A post spreading word of the affordable price of the spider repellent spray was shared with money-savvy shoppers on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK page on Facebook, with thousands of people seeming keen to try it out.

The post racked up a whopping 16,000 comments from eager shoppers.

“I had a big one run at me not once but twice on my bed [and] after we found it, we then pulled the whole room apart looking for more. I’m still waking up… I’m normally okay with spiders, but this one was too big and too fast [so I] will definitely be looking for this spray,” one person commented.


Another added: “I have a very large spider repellant spray [and it’s] worth its weight in gold.”

If you aren’t able to grab a bottle of the spray from your local Aldi’s middle aisle in time for spider season though, then Lucy Askew – spokesperson for Hillary’s Blinds – has shared six top tips for keeping house spiders at bay this autumn / winter:

  1. Put conkers in the corners of your rooms.
  2. Create your own natural spider deterrents using citrus juice, essential oils, and vinegar.
  3. Seal the cracks in your home – especially near windows.
  4. Keep your windows closed at night.
  5. Maintain / keep on top of your cleaning routine.
  6. Turn off your outside lights.

Featured Image – Wikimedia Commons