You can now get paid to taste test Pink Prosecco at an Italian vineyard

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PINK Prosecco is currently looking to hire someone for a job taste testing its bubbly rosé drink and there’s even a secondment at an Italian winery included.

Do you know the difference between DOC & the average bottle of bubbly? Does the sound of a bottle popping fill your heart with bubbles?

Then the job of the world’s first Pink Prosecco Tester is probably one you’ll want to take note of. 

In what is 140 years in the making, PINK Prosecco will be one of the first rosé Proseccos ever to be sold in the UK following a change to Italian law which approves production, and it is looking for an “official fizz fanatic” to join the team as the ‘PINK Prosecco Tester’.  

The successful applicant for the role will become part of international wine history and taste test the new pink fizz before it goes on sale to the public next month. They will be asked to review the brand new blush bubbles, and give a short review in exchange for £300.

What’s more, is that they’ll then also be asked to go on secondment to Treviso, Italy early next year – the capital of Prosecco country – and fly over to the Italian vineyard where the first ever PINK Prosecco is currently being made. 

During the Italian secondment, the new PINK Prosecco Tester will stay in Treviso, and explore the vineyards and winery where the Prosecco is made, and they will also have time to take in the serene landscapes that surround the beautiful vineyard, and immerse themselves in every aspect of Italian life.

As part of official duties, they’ll first be involved in the picking and pressing of the 100% pure Glera & Pinot Noir grapes, and then fourteen weeks later, they’ll get the chance to taste the fruits of their labour as the dazzling pink hued Prosecco will be decanted from the tanks.

Of course, there will be plenty of refreshment breaks along the way. 

And if all of this wasn’t enough, in addition to this unbelievable opportunity, the PINK Prosecco Tater will also receive a year’s supply of PINK Prosecco too.

Paul Anthony Gidley – CEO of PINK Prosecco – said: “Fizz fans have been wanting to try PINK Prosecco for so long and it’s almost time for the first reveal. We want to make sure it’s pink perfection, and the new PINK Prosecco Tester will not only have the crucial role of tasting the first batch, but will help us to shape the product in the future.”

“Since the Prosecco Council in Italy gave the go-ahead for Prosecco DOC Rosé, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get the brand, bottle and bubbles just right.

“We hope the successful applicant will agree that PINK Prosecco really does taste as good as it looks, with a fruitier nose than standard Prosecco and hints of summer fruits such as strawberry and blackberry, with fantastic racing bubbles and a light, semi-sweet finish.”

PINK Prosecco

The ideal candidate must be an advocate of ‘Prosecco O’Clock’, be as bubbly as Italy’s fizz, and have a vested interest in learning about the culture and the process behind every bottle of PINK Prosecco produced.

You will need to be over 18 to be eligible and will need to submit up to 250 words on you they think you’re the best candidate for the role. 

There is only one PINK Prosecco Tater vacancy available, and all applications must be received by 20th October 2020.  To be considered for the role, applicants must be available to travel with their chosen guest early next year, for three days of indulging in Italy’s finest region for sparkling wine production, and want to try the eagerly awaited tipple his year before it officially becomes available to everyone else. 

If you’re interested in applying, you can stick an application in via the PINK Prosecco website here.

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