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Molly-Mae Hague describes ‘horrendous’ Christmas shopping trip in Manchester as she returns to social media

She's finally returned to YouTube after admitting that she had been 'going through it'.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 27th December 2023

Influencer Molly-Mae Hague has made a return to vlogging, and in her Christmas YouTube video described a shopping trip in Manchester that was ’10 out of 10 horrendous’.

The 24-year-old social media star explained that she got stuck in a city centre car park for more than 45 minutes before facing busy Christmas shopping crowds.

Molly-Mae said she was in ‘a state of shock’ at the ‘absolutely not good’ shopping trip.

It’s the first live vlog she has shared in several weeks on YouTube, where she has more than 1.8 million subscribers.

Molly-Mae had previously only posted pre-recorded videos, bar one small clip where she tearfully addressed that she had been ‘going through it, in more ways than one’.


In that older video, she said: “I’m hoping that in about a week I might be in a place mentally, physically and emotionally, where I can start filming some proper content for you again’.

Her silence had fuelled rumours that she and her fiance, boxer Tommy Fury, had split, but in her Christmas vlog she squashed any whisperings of that.


The pair documented a cosy night in with a takeaway and Molly-Mae explained that they had changed their New Year’s Eve plans to take baby Bambi on their romantic trip to the Maldives with them.

The vlog of her Christmas shopping trip has already racked up 206,000 views.

Molly-Mae Hague vlogged herself stuck in a car park in Manchester for 45 minutes on a 'horrendous' Christmas shopping trip
Molly-Mae Hague vlogged herself stuck in a car park in Manchester for 45 minutes on a ‘horrendous’ Christmas shopping trip

In it, she said: “I have been sat in the queue for the Selfridges car park for heading on 45 freaking minutes. Is this a joke? Screaming, crying, throwing up.


“Like I committed to the queue. I came around the corner, saw the queue, and I thought ‘if I commit to this, there’s no gong back, because a car will come behind me and I will be stuck’.

“Yep, stuck was the word. I instantly regretted it 10 seconds later because I was like ‘this ain’t moving darlings, this ain’t moving’ and now I’m stuck.”

Molly-Mae then showed her followers a pan of a relatively busy Selfridges on Exchange Square, before cutting back to herself sitting back in her car, slack-jawed.

“I’m not actually exaggerating when I say I think I’m in a state of shock. I think I’m actually in a state of shock at how horrendous that experience was.

“I don’t actually believe what I’ve just gone through in that, what, sorry, completely lost for words. What was I thinking?


“What was I thinking that experience was going to bring me, seven days out from Christmas, in Manchester city centre?

“Like where is my brains, do I actually have any brains?

“It was from start to finish, not good. Absolutely not good.”

The video landed on Boxing Day as shoppers reported similarly busy scenes in stores for the start of the winter sales.

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