The Trafford Centre was ‘a bad decision’, Boxing Day sales shoppers say

No thank you I'll wait.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 26th December 2023

The Trafford Centre might have been the busiest place in Greater Manchester, with shoppers flooding to the huge shopping centre for the Boxing Day sales.

While a lot of us will have spent the day picking through leftovers and eating blocks of cheese as a snack, some of us simply can’t resist the lure of a bargain.

And there were some serious bargains to be found at many of the shops based at The Trafford Centre.

Despite several big names – like Next and M&S – remaining shut for Boxing Day, the retail business still drew in massive crowds.

Lush, Selfridges and JD all had queues forming outside before the doors even opened.


And several shops had to install ropes and a queue system outside to monitor customers heading in and out.

One person said that attempting to shop the Boxing Day sales at the Trafford Centre is ‘physcho behaviour’ while another said it was ‘the worst place on earth’.


Someone wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “First time in trafford centre. Very cool however never go on boxing day.”

Another wrote: “idk why tf we thought coming Trafford Centre would be a good idea today lol.”

Someone else said: “trafford centre boxing day sale has cattlepen queues are you joking.”


One person commented: “Eldest has just got back from Trafford Centre, she said it was rammed. What happened to people playing party games on Boxing day?”

One user wrote: “A bad decision was made today. Trafford Centre. On Boxing Day. Hungover and tired.”

And someone on TikTok simply said: “Never again.”

So hey, it might not be for everyone, but at a time where everything costs a fortune, the next few days will be the perfect time to shop for less.

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Featured image: TikTok, @szh2002