Passenger leans out of car in attempt to push cyclist off road in Greater Manchester, The Manc

Passenger leans out of car in attempt to push cyclist off road in Greater Manchester

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

In shocking footage captured by a driver’s dashcam, a passenger can be seen leaning out of a car window in an attempt to push a cyclist off the road.

The behaviour has been described as “sickening” by members of the public.

According to eyewitnesses and video footage, the cyclist – who was wearing a hi-vis jacket – appeared to have done nothing wrong, but was attacked by the passenger out of the blue while riding through Tyldesley, near Wigan, on Wednesday.

Daniel Tereszczuk, 34, and his nine-year-old son – who captured the footage while driving in the car behind – said they couldn’t believe their eyes when they witnessed the scene unfold.


Daniel then shared the footage he’d captured from his dash cam onto social media.

The clip – which amassed a lot of local attention on Facebook – shows a Volkswagen Golf driving in front of the pair when a passenger suddenly clambers out of the window and attempts to push the cyclist while the car overtakes – but is unsuccessful.

The cyclist surprisingly avoids falling, and doesn’t appear phased by the incident.


“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” Daniel said

“I had my son in the car with me and he was in complete shock too [as] even he knows how stupid doing something like that is. I was trying to see what the driver’s reaction was by looking in the wing mirror, but I think he was completely oblivious.

“He didn’t seem to know or care.”

This incident came as it was recently revealed that deaths of cyclists on British roads soared by 40% last year, despite lockdown taking traffic off the roads, with provisional figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT) stating that 140 cyclists were killed in crashes in 2020 – compared with 100 in 2019.


These figures have understandably seen many cycle groups nationwide urge for further action on dangerous driving.

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