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The UK’s fastest growing YouTuber is a 17-year-old from Oldham

Magician Daniel Rhodes has over 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and is one of the platform's fastest-growing creators.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st June 2021

A local 17-year-old has been named one of the UK’s fastest growing YouTubers – and he’s achieved it all from his home in Oldham.

Self-taught magician Daniel Rhodes has been honing his craft for nearly 10 years.

Since discovering his talent for magic at aged eight, Daniel – from Shaw – has gone on to build up a huge online following, appearing on several TV talent shows and earning himself some worthy celebrity fans.

Dan has even been championed by one of the UK’s most famous magicians, Dynamo, who named him as an upcoming magician to keep an eye on.

Dynamo said: “There’s a young kid called Daniel Rhodes. Dan Dan the Magic Man. He’s from Manchester, he’s about 10-years-old, he sent me a YouTube clip of him doing some of his magic and I thought ‘that’s alright, that’s alright’ and he did this thing at the end [that] took everyone in my office by surprise.


“It was amazing.”

Daniel has lived up to the future superstar predictions by starring on one of the US’s most popular entertainment shows, Little Big Shots, when he was just 13, and by also competing on the 2019 series of ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, where he was memorably seen ‘sawing’ judge Amanda Holden in half.


The Oldham teen began performing when he got a magic kit for Christmas one year, and admits that magic has truly “changed my life”.

If all of those achievements weren’t impressive enough, Daniel’s greatest success is arguably his ever-growing online fanbase, where he has racked up a whopping 3.8 million subscribers and counting on YouTube, and 5.5 million followers on video sharing platform TikTok.

His channels have had more than three billion views over the past two months alone, and he is undeniably on his way to becoming one of the country’s most successful content creators.


It’s no surprise that Daniel feels the future of his career is online.

Speaking proudly about his achievements, Daniel’s mum Lisa told the MEN: “From an early age, Dan has had a passion for magic.

“I remember him being sat in front of YouTube at about 8 years old, just watching the likes of Dynamo over and over again with a pack of cards in his hand, mastering how the tricks where done, over and over again until he mastered it

“He hasn’t stopped since.

“His drive and ambition and love for the art is second to none and I am more than sure he will continue to succeed in everything he does.”


You can watch Daniel’s videos on his YouTube channel and TikTok.

Featured Image – Instagram (@danrhodesmagic)