The Manc - Man invents genius method of keeping Greggs pasties warm"

Man invents genius method of keeping Greggs pasties warm

Ste Ven/Rate My Plate Group/Facebook

For all their triumphant taste, Greggs' puff pastry parcels don't keep their heat for very long. Especially in winter. 

This is the time of year where you can find northerners hastily unwrapping semi-cold pasties after completing their morning commute.

But not this chap.

Here is a guy so determined to keep his Greggs piping hot, he's built a reheating kit within the confines of his car.

Facebook user Ste Ven posted a video to the Rate My Plate Group this week that featured a pasty cooking inside a camping tray on top of his vehicle engine.

Ste Ven/Rate My Plate Group/Facebook

The footage also showed the user drilling holes in the tin and bolting it to the inside of the van, accompanied by the caption: "Today I constructed a method of keeping my Gregg's Steak bakes warm / reheated when I'm on long drives for work.

"Yes that is my vans engine along with a camping mess tin I've modified, which just so happens to accommodate a Steak Bake snugly.

"Now admittedly on today's menu was a Chicken Bake but I couldn't risk wasting the tastier alternative on a trial run."


Turns out there really is a fine line between genius and madness...

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