The Manc - Mum’s amazing self-isolation idea for her kids goes viral"

Mum’s amazing self-isolation idea for her kids goes viral

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A savvy mum has found a brilliant way to keep her kids learning maths during self-isolation... by opening a home-based tuck shop. 

Laura Symonds is remaining at home with her partner Rob and their two young daughters, Emily and Isabella, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread.

She decided to create a little shop to entertain and educate the children whilst they stayed indoors - and the concept has gone viral.

Laura has written a list of all her daughters' favourite snacks with price-tags alongside them; marking the healthier treats as the cheapest.

Emily and Isabella are given £1 a day to spend at the tuck shop, and Laura encourages them to work out total prices and change every time they make a purchase.

After sharing images of the tuck shop on Facebook, Laura was amazed by the response - with the post being liked thousands of times.

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The mum said: "I tried to do it so the unhealthy stuff is more expensive so they choose the healthier options. I don't think they've caught onto that yet.

"So chocolate costs 25p but an apple only costs 5p, squash is also 5p but water is free.

"My eldest is really bad for not drinking enough water so if she spends all her money on chocolate and crisps then she'll have to drink water.

"I give them a pound to spend each a day but the other day they both had 25p left so that carried over and they had a bit more to spend the next day.

"It's been great, the girls are loving it and they aren't constantly asking 'can I have this?' or 'can I have that?'. They have to actually think about it.

"It also motivates them to do maths without even realising they're doing it. All the prices will change next week otherwise the maths will get too easy."

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Since the tuck shop opened, Emily and Isabella have been brainstorming ideas for lunchtime meals - developing their writing and reading skills in the process.

They have also worked together to set up a mini salon - which saw their mum treating them both to a pedicure.

Laura hopes these fun activities will bring the same joy to other families.

She said: "I wanted to share the post about our tuck shop for anyone else in isolation and because seeing the girls enjoying it so much has cheered me right up.

"I never expected it to go this viral, not in a million years. I can't even comprehend it. Everyone has made such lovely comments and I've had so many messages.

"It's been so nice to share something fun and it's given me loads of inspiration myself. My head's been filled with all these other little ideas.

"My friends keep saying that the kids won't want to go back to school."

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