The Manc - Paddy McGuiness goes viral after kicking off about corner shop"

Paddy McGuiness goes viral after kicking off about corner shop

Paddy McGuinness has come out swinging for his local corner shop after learning they've hiked up their hand gel prices. 

The actor took to Twitter to condemn the sanitiser cost increase - which has gone from 99p to £4.99 per tube amid coronavirus panic.

McGuinness wrote: "Found out a shop nearby has put the price of hand sanitizer up from 99p to £4.99! How do these people sleep at night? That’s the price of milk, bread and eggs for families that are already financially stretched. Sad to hear but even sadder that I’m not surprised. #coronavirus".

The star's tweet has since gone viral and there's a been a real mixed bag of responses.

Some are sympathetic. Others are less so.

A few are just plain funny.

Known for his collaborations with Peter Kay in "Phoenix Nights" and "Max & Paddy", McGuinness has also been the face of dating show "Take Me Out", which was axed last month after a long and successful run on ITV.

The Farnworth-born performer has also hosted "Top Gear" and is now presenting Catchpoint's Celebrity Sport Relief specials on BBC.

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