The Manc - Penguins allowed to roam freely after the aquarium closed to the public"

Penguins allowed to roam freely after the aquarium closed to the public

Shedd Aquarium

Everyone needs to see this.

Right, we’ve got some really important news for you. Some good, wholesome content that we all need right now.

It involves penguins. Do we have your attention now? We bloody hope so.

Whilst many across the world are currently practising social distancing or taking measures to self-isolate, others are getting their first taste of free rein.

Following the lockdown closure to members of the public amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago decided to let their penguins roam the facility and meet their other animal roommates.

And yes, it’s all on video.

The aquarium took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to share some of the extremely heartwarming footage with the public and as you can imagine, it’s gone pretty viral. There’s some real strong penguin appreciation across the world right now and we absolutely love to see it.

The videos have racked up hundreds of thousands of likes, retweets and comments from people all over the world and it’s really not hard to see why.

We think this reply sums it up best.

At a time when we’re all searching for a distraction, is there any better distraction than a video of some penguins waddling around without a clue of what’s going on?

Absolutely not.

All the way from Manchester, thank you Shedd Aquarium!

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