The Manc - People in self-isolation are putting their Christmas decorations back up"

People in self-isolation are putting their Christmas decorations back up

It's a worldwide trend and Greater Manchester's getting on board with it.

This isn't one for the 'bah humbugs' amongst us.

Is there any fuzzier feeling than the feeling you get when you first put your Christmas decorations up? It's tough to beat.

We could probably do with more of that fuzzy feeling right about now, couldn't we? This is why people across the world are putting their Christmas lights back up as a way of spreading a bit of festive cheer at a time when we really need it most.

The idea seems to have kick started across the pond, being suggested on Twitter as a "fair social distancing activity" amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

It soon started to catch on and the #LightsForLife hashtag, probably one of the most feel-good hashtags knocking about on social media at the moment, was born.

Realising what a popular trend #LightsForLife has become, Greater Manchester has decided to give it a good go.

A post on the WHYTHENSHAWE 1 community Facebook group, showing a street full of self-isolating households in the South Manchester suburb all lit up in an act to spread joy, has amassed hundreds of likes upon sharing yesterday evening.

We all need a bit of light at the moment, so why not take that literally? Nice one Wythenshawe.

We doubt it'll be long before other towns and villages across the borough follow suit!


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