The Manc - The best of World Book Day 2020 in Manchester"

The best of World Book Day 2020 costumes in Manchester

Us Mancunians have really pulled it out the bag this year.

Today is World Book Day and you know what that means, children up and down the country went to school this morning dressed up as their favourite book characters.

Earlier on, we shared an article featuring a little girl name Lilly, who brilliantly dressed up as Miss Trunchbull, and it went viral.

You lot were just as mad fer it as us.

Laura Jordan

From this viral post, we got lots and lots of comments from other proud parents sharing their children's brilliant costumes, so we just knew that we had to do a follow up on this before the day is out.

Now, we're not going to be doing any ranking, or choosing our number one pick as we think that every single costume is ace and we are astounded by the amount of effort that must have gone into putting each outfit together.

We just want to share some of our favourites with you in case you missed them, so here they are.

Vicki Kay-Spruce

'He who shall not be named', but we think his photo definitely deserves to be shared.

John Robert Walton

It doesn't matter how late they were for a very important date with costumes this amazing.

A couple of Manc legends even made the effort for World Book Day this year too.

Christopher Burgess
Gareth Burtonwood

Here's a few more costumes we think should get a shout out.

Emma Hurst-Grover
Tracy Boyle
Lisa Wilson

It was so tricky for us to choose which costumes to feature here as believe us, they all absolutely deserve the credit, so if you want to see the rest of what Greater Manchester had to offer on World Book Day (and we really think you should), then be sure to check out our comments section on Facebook.

We can all agree, World Book Day 2021 has already got its work cut out if it's going to try and match up to this year's efforts, right?

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