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Alton Towers announces return of ‘Scarefest’ for Halloween 2020 – including two new attractions

Alton Towers ,which reopened to thrill-seekers back on July 4, is draping its park in spooky fancy dress for October for Scarefest.

The Manc The Manc - 24th August 2020

Alton Towers has confirmed the return of its terrifying Halloween extravaganza for 2020.

The Resort, which reopened to thrill-seekers back on July 4, is draping its 500-acre Theme Park in spooky fancy dress for October – giving guests an entirely new way to experience Alton Towers.

Running from October 9 to November 1 on selected dates, the latest edition of ‘Scarefest’ will feature two new attractions.

These include the ‘Freak Show: Toxic Junkyard’ – an outdoor maze that dares guests to venture into the Freak Show hidden den to ‘discover the secret of the psycho clowns’ next big show.’ 

A new family-led attraction, ‘Garden Lights Walk: Whispering Souls’ , is another new experience which will be free to enjoy as part of the Halloween live entertainment – including the Freaky Five and CBeebies Land Monster Ball.


Scarefest 2020 also sees the return of old favourites including:

  • The Attic: Terror of the Towers: A chilling experience set in the eaves of the Theme Park’s famous and historical Tower ruins.
  • Darkest Depths; where guests board the infamous ghost ship ‘The Mutiny’ and journey into the darkest depths to earn their piece of eight.
  • Altonville Mine Tours: Uncover The Legend of the Skin Snatchers; which sees ticket-holders explore a damp, disused mine believed to have once been home to a family of village outcasts.

Scarefest will also see extended opening hours – giving guests the chance to experience thrill rides and rollercoasters in pitch black darkness until 9pm.


James Walker, Marketing Director at Alton Towers Resort, said: “We are really excited to be able to offer something brand new for our guests in 2020, as well as stage the return of our much-loved Halloween event.

“This year marks the theme park’s 40th anniversary and it was always the plan to make it a year of celebration for our guests. 

“…the much-anticipated return of Scarefest will provide ongoing fun and thrills for  thrill-seekers and families later into the year, with two brand new exciting attractions never seen before.” 


Oktoberfest is also returning to Alton Towers for 2020 – with Bavarian entertainment dancing into the theme park from 11 September to 4 October.

Alton Towers Resort has implemented a wide range of new measures to keep people safe on site.

Capacity will remain at a level where social distancing can be maintained, including in entertainment spaces and scare mazes. 

For tickets and more information about the events visit the Alton Towers website.